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About The Fabulous Stents


Who are "The Fabulous Stents"? Well we're glad you asked. We are a band from Denison, Texas. The Fabulous Stents are Joe Baumgardner and Rockie Tarkington. Joe and Rockie are brother-in-laws that have been playing music together since 1983. These two guys previously played in Rockie & The Bullwinkles. Rockie retired 5 years ago with some breathing problems, and come to find out it was a blockage in his heart, so he had three stents put in! Joe has also had 2 stents put in as well. Since feeling better Rock had the urge to play again, so he joined in playing with Joe and some students at the Retirement Villages and VA Hospital. From there it has escalated to playing restaurants, Main Street events, restaurants and also at churches.

Joe teaches guitar, fiddle, mandolin, bass, flute and vocals down at Victory Music in Denison, Texas. He has been there for the last 9 years. During that time Joe began to take some students to the Nursing Homes to play. Giving the students the valuable lesson of playing with other guitar players and not just in lesson time. It was a big success. It was during this playing event that Rockie & Joe began playing again. Now Brian Cordell is playing bass for the group adding a wonderful dimensional flavor to the sound. The Fabulous Stents are a three piece venue playing songs you love to hear. The Fabulous Stents have played quite a few venues since starting back up, and have now narrowed it down to just the three of them playing at different venues in Southern Oklahoma and the North Texas Metroplex area. Once in a while they will have Bill Eaton on sax playing his heart out, which always is a fun gig.

The Fabulous Stents have a blast every where they play, and so does the crowd. The Fabulous Stents really enjoy playing together and it's one of those things that just Jell like Jell-O. There is a chemistry there between them. The Fabulous Stents are a excellent combination with their three part harmonies and full instrument playing, which is a wonderful recipe for a great show. Rockie on percussion and vocals, Joe on  guitar, and vocals, and Brian Cordell playing the mighty bass plus vocals, makes for a full well rounded sound. The added sound of Roland's GR55 guitar synthesizer gives The Fabulous Stents the sound of a full band with 3 pieces. It's a show you won't want to miss!


To book your party with The Fabulous Stents please call - Rockie at 903-814-5241 or Joe at 903-821-1155

To come and hear us just check the shows page and see where we are going to be next!!!




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